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We’re partnering with RocGrowth to welcome Steve Metzger of LaBella Associates and Jeff Wight of General Code to discuss “work in progress” stories on the path to implementing a commitment to diversity and inclusion in their organizations. They will share successes, setbacks and future plans.

Mohammed Ahamed of Engaging Diversity and Inclusion will share case studies and best practices from his work with national organizations.

Free to attend, but registration is required. Bring plenty of questions!

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Past events:

Future of CC After Covid (5)

After a tumultuous 2020, the need for systemic change has never been more apparent or more urgent. Where do we go from here? How can Conscious Capitalism help to drive the change that our society and our planet need?

Join Conscious Capitalism ROC for a conversation with Alexander McCobin, CEO of the global Conscious Capitalism movement and Curtis Hite, CEO of Improving and Conscious Capitalism board member.

Watch the recording or listen as a podcast.



RTS has committed time, energy and resources into engaging employees to live The RTS Way, and bring their organizational values to life every day, bringing their workforce and community together and making RTS a destination workplace.

Join us for a case study with Renee Elwood, RTS Director of Well-Being and Inclusion, as well as several of the members of their employee-driven Culture & Inclusion Council, who will share how their experience has impacted them personally and professionally and what it means to them to belong to an organization truly invested in their employees.

Watch the recording here.


Climate change and racial equity are two of the most pressing issues of our time. Check out the recording of our conversation about the historical interconnections and proactive solutions at the intersection of environmental and social justice.

Watch the recording here or listen as a podcast.

Thanks to those who attended our discussion with Kim Allen of Dixon Schwabl, a “Best Workplace in New York” and Sean Flaherty of ITX, a Rochester “Top Workplace” about their COVID-induced transitions to remote work, lessons learned and the path forward, and to Brian Bihl of Paylocity, another “Top Workplace” that has always operated virtually and had many best practices to share for leading virtual teams.

You can see the video recording here, or listen as a podcast.

2020:08 - Virtual Culture

Thanks for joining us at our Virtual Summit! In case you missed the panels or would like to share them, see the links below. We’ll be back with monthly meetings, so make sure to join our mailing list if you haven’t already!


What if there was a company whose CEO said, “Let’s pay all our people as much as possible?”

What if your company treated your spouse, your children, and even your pets, as stakeholders, and made it a priority to ensure that you can be present for them?

And what if these businesses, who prioritize the welfare of all their stakeholders, who help heal their employees, customers and communities are more profitable and prosperous than their industry peers?

These are “Healing Organizations” as profiled by Raj Sisodia (author of Firms of Endearment and Conscious Capitalism, as well as founder and Co-Chair of Conscious Capitalism, Inc.).


7/1 – Healing The Upstate Economy
-Bob Duffy – Rochester Chamber
-Rob Simpson – Centerstate CEO
-Dr. Seanelle Hawkins – Urban League of Rochester
-Heather Briccetti – Business Council of NYS
See video recording or listen as a podcast.

7/8 – Healing Through Business with Raj Sisodia
-Founder and Co-Chair, Conscious Capitalism, Inc.
-Author, Firms of Endearment, Conscious Capitalism and The Healing Organization
See video recording or listen as a podcast.

7/15 – Racism as a Public Health Crisis AND a Business Imperative
-Jerome Underwood – Action for a Better Community
-Ana Liss – Monroe County
-Mohammed Ahamed – Engaging Diversity and Inclusion
-Kesha Carter – Coordinated Care Services
See video recording or listen as a podcast.

7/22 – Building An Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
-Jennifer Byrnes – Business Insight Center at Rochester Public Library
-Lomax Campbell – City of Rochester Office of Community Wealth Building
-Arthur Goldfeder – The Commissary Downtown Kitchen Incubator
-Yasmin Mattox – Arkatecht Advancement Tools For Working Parents
-Cati Pulver – Junior Achievement of Central Upstate NY
See video recording or listen as a podcast.

7/29 – Corporate Cultures That Heal
-Tom Bachmann – Paychex Culture Shaping Manager
-Mubarak Bashir – Greyston Open Hiring
-James Norman – Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative Employment Work Group
-Tina Paradiso – Imprinting Lives at Imprintable Solutions
-Kim Townsend – Loretto
See video recording or listen as a podcast.

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