Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday October 30th – 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Location: Sage Rutty – 100 Corporate Woods Suite 300, Rochester, NY 14623

What does it take to be a Best Place to Work?

Rochester’s oldest, locally owned financial services firm was founded in 1915. At least some of that longevity can be attributed to their community-focused, conscious culture. They have been named a “Top 10 Best Small Workplace” by Great Place To Work and Fortune magazine, including “Top Workplaces for New Grads” and “Top Workplaces for Women.”

Fortune says “At Sage Rutty, a Rochester, New York-based financial advising company, the total voluntary turnover in the past year was 2 percent, thanks in part to the company’s generous retirement programs, which include a profit-sharing contribution of up to 20% of annual profits. There’s also a focus on employee development, with many professional and personal development classes. Women make up more than half of the workforce—and 50% of all management positions.”

Come learn from President and Chairman Wayne Holley and learn best practices on what makes Sage Rutty such a “Great Place to Work!”

Tickets are free, but limited, so please reserve yours on Eventbrite ASAP!


Tuesday November 27th – 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Location: TBD

Creating sustainable solutions to poverty

Imagine creating solutions to poverty that don’t need continuous funding. What if, instead, small businesses could be created that could sustainably fund local schools and cover basic needs like clean water and hygeine?

At 10-years-old, Daphne Pariser made a life-altering decision, that she was going to not only commit her life to help others but do so in a way that allowed it to be sustainable. She wanted to revolutionize sustainability to help people create their own solutions to poverty.

Everything that is created at Humans for Education reflects the belief that everyone holds the potential to create their own solutions. They believe in thinking differently about helping others by: (1) consulting and funding community-driven, culturally-sensitive small businesses with an ROI of ~20%, (2) stimulating the local economy, and (3) ensuring safe and sanitary learning conditions for all. When all is said and done, they aim to create financial independence.

Driven by the need to shift the paradigm from poverty to independence, Humans for Education focuses on three distinct areas: small businesses; water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH); and lifetime scholarships. After receiving their 501(c)(3) in 2016 they accomplish these goals by partnering with high achieving companies, such as Rotary International, Tender Greens, Moe’s, and many more.

Tickets are free, but limited, so please reserve yours on Eventbrite ASAP!


Curious about the Conscious Capitalism Movement or what to join CCROC?

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